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A major claim of Mind Identity theory is that time is not fundamentally real. This is the same time that we count our days by, measure velocity with, and hum the Jeopardy! tune to indicate is running out.

Time is a belief, not Reality. A belief is an understanding that a Mind can choose to hold or choose to not hold. The temporal frame of reference can therefore be unbelieved by a Mind which has learned to see it’s strength in Understanding Mechanics.

m equals u plus e
the mind identity equation m equals u plus e(u)

The Steps

Step 1: Researcher watches it happen

The following is a list of ways to experience the disappearance of time within one’s own awareness:

Method 1:

The researcher has an experience of deja vu like phenomenon. Deja vu is a feeling of having already experienced the present situation. That is to say, remembering the present as it happens. If information could only travel in the direction of past → future, the sensation of deja vu would be impossible.

Method 2:

The researcher devotes some amount of time to experiencing the occurrence. More specifically, the researcher spends two minutes to catch a phenomenal sense of Familiarity. This sensation could as be stated as sense of Eternity or a sense of Everything.

a two-minute timer

Step 1 must be achieved within the researchers awareness to constitutes the disproof of time to the individual. If Step 1 has not been achieved within the researcher’s memory, the researcher should attempt it again until it works.

Method 2 is the strategy whereby the researcher actively seeks to experience the phenomenon. Method 1 will appear to the researcher as a gift of effortless grace.

The phenomenon is elusive at first, but is there to see. Researcher should continue study of Mind Identity materials in the interim.

Disproof of Time Results Page

See user submitted examples of the Disproof of Time, and submit your own!

Step 2: Researcher learns why this happens

The research practices the day-by-day spiritual-mental exercises laid out in the Workbook for Students of ACIM. This practice is a deepening of the mental ability witnessed in Step 1.

From Step 1, you have witnessed that it can happen. Step 2 is a mastery of the phenomenon.

Step 3: Continued study​

The belief in time is only one of many beliefs that can be seen anew. Once you’ve seen the mental strength to enlighten one belief, you will be able to apply the strength to any desired belief.

– alex brady

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