Mind Identity

Mind Identity

Mind Identity is an ontological claim of Self beyond form.

Mind Identity Theory is in opposition to a conventionally foundational belief we, humanity, have that we are beings that are born into a body, live a human life, and die.

MIT is the affirmation of an eternal, undying identity as Mind.

  1. I am not a body.
  2. I am mind.


Mind Identity Theory

Current draft of Mind Identity Theory principles

Source References

ACIM references supporting the foundational framework of Mind Identity Theory.

MIT Video Series

Videos expounding on MIT concepts and goals

Mind Identity Intake Survey

Interested in experiencing Mind ID? Start with the Intake Survey.

Further Reading

  • Mind Identity – Intake Survey

    Mind Identity is an Experiential Science. Start your Mind Identity search today. Intake. Exhale.

  • alexbrady mechanics

    An alexbrady science describing the making of miracles and the makings of miracles.

  • MIT Methodology

    The Mind Identity Theory Research, Principles, and Practice are founded in two co-intertwined methods: ACIM as source material and Atonement in research and interpretation.

  • Mind ID is terrifying to Ego.

    Understood properly, Mind ID is the dissolution of the ego. It is the exact belief of what you are that is not the ego. It claims the Self prior to ego, and provides the guiding beliefs and practices that will prove this Self to yourself. This is exactly what egos do not want. Yet exactly what you do.

  • Scientific Method

    While MIT refutes the findings of physical science as Ultimate Reality, the experience of Transcendence and Mind Entity is provable by approaches of conventional science. Here is the scientific method as utilized by Mind Identity research.


If you are interested in discussing and learning Mind ID Theory collaboratively, join us at alexbrady’s philosophy-club, an open-minded collective destined to save the world.

If you are interested in discussing Mind ID Theory in more detail, reach out to alex brady via email: iamalexbrady@gmail. alex brady is available for private conversation and public speaking.