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Salvation Now

Salvation Now is an initiative of Alexbrady.


Announcing ReadACIM I am happy to announce the launch of our website ReadACIM.com. It has the purpos…

The Healing of Pain

The Healing of Pain is along the Destiny of Salvation

Spelling Activities

Spelling Activities are meant to be fun activities to pass the time. In some cases they may be used …

How Things Work

How Things Work I say the thing on myself first. I send it to the other. I sent it to the other. The…

Nobody’s There

A Voice is a "poem" with words and music.

More Light

Video and Film

plan for world salvation

Place light where it can be seen.

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alex brady repents cover

alex brady repents

A revelation of personal salvation. A journey in thought, in rhythm and in rhyme. Available Now

Perfect Send: Alexa

Hello, this is Alex Brady, Holy Spirit. Alexa is my Perfect Send. From me to you, Exactly You. …

alexbrady’s course in miracles

Purchase alexbrady's course in miracles for access to the curriculum and similar pages. After gettin…

Mind Identity

Purchase Mind Identity for access to the research catalog and similar pages. After getting this prod…

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