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Disproof of Time Results

A major claim of Mind Identity theory is that time is not fundamentally real. These are user submitted disproofs of time.

Disproof of Time: Results

Researcher: iamalexbrady
Date: December 12, 2021

Step One, Method 1: Remembrance of the “future”

I recognize what is about to happen with a series of Reddit comments, so I record a video of the recognition with what the future state will be. The future state comes as I remembered it would.

The video clip contains two events: First, a recording of a speaker revealing a known future state. Second, a recording of the time when the present state matched the remembered future state from the first recording.

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Researcher: Alex Brady
Date: November 14, 2021

The original Disproof of Time first draft document was created at 7:51 AM. I wrote the first draft for about an hour.

started at 7:51 and worked for an hour

When the clock read 9:12 AM, I realized the computer I was working on was set in a different time zone than local time.

After working for an hour, the clock read 9:12

The local time was actually 8:12 AM.

My “watching it happen” was gaining an hour to my morning by surprise. I got started at 7:51, worked for an hour, and finished at 8:12.

Researcher: alex brady
Date: now

i sure do

Have you been able to see beyond time?

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