Wellness Now

Wellness Now

Wellness is a key to living an enjoyable and full life. This inherent truth can be seen by the strong desire within all of us to achieve a state of well-being. 

The WHO (World Health Organization) defines health as “a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources and capacities.” The WHO further clarifies that health is not the goal of life, per se, but a “resource for everyday life.”

Wellness is the condition of enjoyable circumstances. We know this implicitly as the strong desire within all of us to seek positive environments and relationships. We seek to improve our wellness in many ways such as emotional, mental, and physical. Despite strong desire, many struggle to feel healthy now. Well-being is seen as a future state for which to strive. We diet, exercise, and recalibrate our lives in many ways with hopes that the new change will induce a more healthy state.

Contributor Ashley Berkeley describes her relationship with her wellness:

In my early twenties, mental health was a concern. Juggling school and two part time jobs, I was mentally overloaded. I had no time for mental clarity, and was unable to sleep many nights.

I tried everything to improve my health. I maintained a regular workout schedule and watched my diet. When I couldn’t find the peace I needed, I saw my doctor, and was diagnosed with anxiety disorder. I began medication.

Each of these approaches helped in their own way, but I remained anxious. I continued to seek new treatments, and found I couldn’t get relief.

Striving for well-being (being well) is an obvious priority for many. In a given television commercial break, chances are at least one clip will offer services with the purpose of improving well-being. In a recent member survey, 57% respondents listed improved well-being as their current goal. We want wellness now.

The commercialization of health and well-being tends to revolve around new behaviors to adopt to induce improved health. Here at alexbrady, we focus goal-setting explicitly on the fulfillment of well-being. This places the final state in sight, and opens the conversation for the acceptance of a fulfilled healthy state.

Here is Ashley on the achievement of health:

When I first heard the philosophy of placing the achievement of health as the goal, I was skeptical. I didn’t see the difference between placing health as the goal and other activities I attempted like diet and exercise. But it worked!

Maintaining my mental space is still a daily task, but when I check back in with the principles of decision, I am brought back to the only moment my wellness truly matters – now.

When Ashley felt she lacked the resources for health, her aims were focused seeking wellness in many forms. By refocusing her goal explicitly to achievement, she was able to see clearly: She desired to be well. Becoming enlightened to her power of decision helped her to do so.

The Goal is the Achievement of Health.

Ashley can do it. You can do it. We do it together.

Be well!