Repentance from Fear

Free to open my eyes

It appears to me that these days I am less afraid to open my eyes and less afraid to look.

I never would have described my previous state as being afraid to open my eyes, but I can say I feel more free to do so today.

I would describe the previous state as being something like walking around with squinted eyes because I was afraid the thing
I saw was going to kill me, eat me, or harm me. As if the thing I saw was going to be a monster, and I prepped myself for that with vigilance.

That weight is off my shoulders these days. What I see comes only from me, therefore I command the situation.

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This is a declaration.

Fear Repentance.

Declaration: I repent from fear.
Declaration: It was a mistake.
Declaration: I won’t hold it anymore.

What I see comes from me. My repentance makes me free