You need to let go.

Change is an inevitable conclusion until the saved state is apparent. Seeing oneself let go is an inevitable phase of change.


Repentance from Fear

Free to open my eyes It appears to me that these days I am less afraid to open my eyes and less afraid to look. I never would have described my previous state as being afraid to open my eyes, but I can say I feel more free to do so today. I would describe […]


The Father Left

The Father Left The father leaving is a truth for all of humanity. All of humanity has lost vision to how powerful our minds are. My mind is vision. If I have ever lost sight of that, the father has gone. The father is my creator with powerful creator abilities. I am what it is, […]


Announcing ReadACIM I am happy to announce the launch of our website It has the purpose of facilitating the reading of ACIM. A Course in Miracles is the initial offering of ReadACIM represents this organization’s online A Course in Miracles, and features a Workbook reader and our own curated reading supplements. It comes […]


Love Potion

This is a Love Potion recipe. 1-1/3 cups butter flavored shortening1 cup sugar1 cup packed brown sugar2 eggs2 tsp. Vanilla flavoring3 cups flour1 tsp. backing soda1 tsp. salt1-12 oz. package semisweet chocolate chips Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Mix shortening, sugars, eggs and vanilla flavoring. Stir in remaining ingredients. Drop rounded teaspoonfuls of dough, 2 […]


Alexbrady CD

You remember Mind Entity, now check out the EP singles not found on the earlier album: Recovery, Miracles, Seeing, and the fan favorite Alexbrady Brass Edition. Can you identify all the EP singles?

Mind Identity

New Cause

A new cause and effect is discovered.

How does it occur that peace can be had now? This is a question to ask after witnessing the presence of peace.

Given the understanding that lifetime can be defined as a steady flow of life events in one’s perception, it is such that some experience a consistent flow of stressful states, life events will appear to bring them. It is recognizable to a self whether their state is disturbed and how often.

The answer to the question posed before and the solution for ending a near constant stream of distress are one. It is recognizing a truth of responsibility for perceptual experience.

Consider the exhaust from a car’s tailpipe.

The flow of hot air at the exit of the pipe is the result of a process which occurred much before its final expulsion place. If a concerning situation such as particulates in the exhaust fumes is seen to be occurring at the tailpipe, it does no good to bemoan the situation of the exhaust without doing what one can to modify the system which causes it.

If there is a situation arising at the tailpipe exit, it behooves the owner to examine the system upstream of the exit including the pipe itself, the combustion chamber, and of course the fuel source which undergoes the process which produces the output gas.

The rest of this story is available for members of the site. Purchase an access key, and come back to finish reading of this profound new discovery.

Mind Identity Prophesy

Solution for “Poor Me”

Maybe you have experiences of unfair treatment, lack of finances, or generally a stance of “Poor Me”. The solution for such perceptions is found within this page. Healing is now.

book Prophesy


Now we see.


Healing of Guilt

The mind’s power of projection is the cause of all images. If one is experiencing discomforting images, following these steps for healing.