Mind Identity

alexbrady mechanics

An alexbrady science describing the making of miracles and the makings of miracles.

alex brady mechanics

Instead of a math describing distance moved
or in the case of f = ma,
acceleration achieved

Here is one describing miracles
the making of miracles
and the makings of miracles

babies are in the circle
marches are in the circle
jupiter is in the circle
people are in the circle

we call such a reality 3D
ab mechanics operate
in a different dimensionality

alexbrady mechanics force verbing reality

ab mechanics
given mind identity
there is a non-body force
verbing reality as we know it

what is the verb

if you can see this verbing happening
you’ve entered awareness of a new reality

– alex brady

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By iamalexbrady

Master of Miracles, Diviner of the Mind, and Bridge Between Realities, alex brady is of the Kingdom of Heaven and heralds its presence.

alex brady's teaching is the Salvation of the World.

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