Spelling Activities

Spelling Activities are meant to be fun activities to pass the time. In some cases they may be used as games and creative practice.

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Spelling Challenges

You Will Get A Rule For Spelling

You Will Be Given A Benign Phrase To Spell

You Get Graded On Your Spelling

First Spelling Challenge

My Relationship With OnlyRight

Write A Paragraph In Response To The Prompt With The Following Rules.

In No Case Does OnlyRight Get Abbreviated
It May Be Spelled With A Space
It May Be Spelled With An Underscore
It May Be Spelled Backwards Or BackForth
Not Hyphenated And Not Shortened

Each Different Spelling Of Only_Right Scores One Point.
The Same Spelling Of tOnlyRigh May Be Used Throughout With No Penalty.
Creativity Of Response Will Go Into The Grading As Well

The Prompt Is Write A Paragraph About Your Relationship With Only Right.

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