Pray for Areas

Pray for Areas

Pray for your areas.

The practice of praying for one’s areas involves invoking a blessing onto your mind. These aspects of mind may appear as any relationship, person, place, or thing which appears relevant to you. Prayerfulness for an area involves recognizing the specific, and offering loving thoughts to it.

The resolution this brings is peace of mind for the prayer. It is ideal that one take a prayerful attitude toward all things at all times. It is recommended that one pray specifically if and when the opportunity is recognized.

In the early stages of developing a perfectly prayerful stance, it is ideal that one see oneself with a daily routine of praying for their areas. A daily script may go like this.

This day I choose to spend in perfect peace.

I pray my love for my self, my home, my family, and all my love ones.

I pray a gift of blessing to my self, and pray for god to impact all the thoughts I think today, and bless both me and them the same.

I pray for… and then go onto name things for which you commit to peace of mind.

I pray it now.

This day we choose to spend in perfect peace. That’s the prayer. Let it be so.

Pray for your Areas!