Usable Internet

The Internet is very powerful. Despite it’s ability and usefulness as a tool, recent trends and standards have rendered this globally available and enhancing technology into a space that is unpredictable and frustrating from a user experience.


Product Marketing

Product marketing is the process of promoting and selling a product to a target audience. It involves understanding the needs and desires of the buyers and developing strategies to communicate the value of the product to them. Product marketing is responsible for ensuring that the product reaches the right audience at the right time.

Product Marketing is a comprehensive eBook that provides product marketers with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in today’s highly competitive market. The book is divided into several chapters, each of which covers a specific aspect of product marketing, from market research to product launch and beyond.

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Popular Demand

Popular Demand is a bound collection of the most often requested and referenced documents within the Popular Demand Web Technology Archives. Topics include:

  • Mission, Vision, and Branding
  • Process Management
  • Web Project Management
  • And more

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