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Philosophy-Club: We Save the World

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Join the Club. Save the World.

About Philosophy: Philosophy is the love of wisdom and study of knowledge.

About Philosophy-club: We apply love, wisdom, and knowledge with the aim of saving the world.

Rules of Philosophy-club:

  1. ᑭᕼI𝟙OᔕOᑭᕼY-ᑕ𝟙ᑌᗷ Iᔕ ᑎOէ ᗩ ᑕᑌ𝟙է
  2. It’s fine to talk about Philosophy. We’re saving the world.

About you: Please bring something to the table. Innovation, invention, curiosity, thoughts, theories, plans… Bring it. For the salvation of it all.

Sample content

The Plan:

  Collective Personal Salvation.

  Your Personal Salvation.

  I'm doing miracles.
  You're doing miracles.
  Everyone's doing miracles.

How 2:
  1. Learn how to do miracles
  2. Do them