Product Engineering

Human Software

The Correct Way To Write Javascript Is To Write Bad Javascript As Such Everyone is good at writing Javascript.

Human Software

I’ve been in a lot of software houses, and an interesting reflection I make that that the engineering units tend to have a runtime like the software they write.

The Runtimes of Note Are: Interpreted Compiled Javascript

Human Software Is The Humans’ Software.

Javascript Is A Shitshow

Javascript Is A Wild Ecosystem Regarding Javascript Applications, The Written Software Varies Wildly From Software House To Software House.

JavaScript Is A Shitshow Because Javascript Is The Language Of the Human User Interface And Humans Are Shitshows

The Runtime Of Javascript Only Software Houses Is The Unfiltered Human Software Of The World.

Working Javascript Always Answers The Question “How Is It Possible For It To…” A Crafty Scripter Can Get It Done. If Future Readability Is Not A Concern, Crafty Scripts May Be The Call.

Further Thoughts

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